• able to guide and assist organizations through this process in the most cost effective and efficient way. Our practical experience reveals that, though we focus on authorizations, we also bring added value to the implementation team with regard to internal control and fraud prevention principles.


    Advit Consulting Information Technology Consultants have a profound theoretical and technical knowledge of SAP authorizations, combined with extensive experience in implementing, maintaining, monitoring and auditing SAP R/3 authorizations in compliance with SOX regulations.

  • Security is the one of the most important area of SAP implementation which is often neglected. The reasons for this neglect could be because of various reasons such as SAP Security being perceived as cumbersome, time consuming and having little value addition to the implementation. But now Companies and SAP's customers are starting to realize the importance of implementing SAP R/3 securities for various reasons. Companies have started to realize that a poor SAP Security setup increases the risks of exposing their systems to fraud, harm business relations and contribute to wrong business decisions. Moreover the companies are now required to implement their business processes and practices in compliance with SOX and SEC rules and regulations. Even those who have implemented security, often realize that their procedures and processes have loopholes. Auditors are also looking more closely how companies are implementing their security procedures and policies. So it makes all the more important for companies to have a robust security setup.


    Advit Consulting Information Technology fully recognized the challenges of SAP application security implementations and created a value added end-to-end solution. Through the use of a proven SAP application security implementation methodology Advit Consulting is