AdvIT business consultants and technology specialists, certified in a range of technical disciplines and specialties are based worldwide to provide 24*7 services backed by:


    »Dedicated world class Development Centers

    »A state-of-the-art communication and support infrastructure

    »High Bandwidth connectivity

    »Variety of hardware platforms

    »Secure project development environment



    Today more and more firms are turning towards professional IT service providers for outsourcing their IT needs allowing them to focus on their core competencies. IT service providers in turn are constantly seeking new and improved ways of providing their services to cost conscious clients. Nearly all the top Fortune 500 organizations have been relying heavily on offshore vendors in implementing there IT strategies. Over the past couple of years, several small and medium sized firms have also discovered and benefited immensely from outsourcing there IT services. A reliable and trustworthy service provider can provide multiple advantages. It is however essential to ensure that the offshore vendor is carefully chosen and addresses your concerns upfront.


    Clients experience the following benefits by outsourcing to AdvIT:


    »Disciplined approach to application management and process prioritization

    »Informed decisions possible as investments over development & maintenance period identified in advance

    »Cost containment

    »Specialized skills available when needed

    »Internal resources free to focus on strategic development activities

    »"Economies of experience" available for implementation of new technologies