• supplemented the SAP implementation process with our own technical accelerators to enhance the success of the implementation. Our accelerators assist you with a structured approach to handle installation, technical support, change management, and provide a successful, proven, detailed and complete project plan.


    During our implementation process, we assist you with

    »Technical Project Management

    »Coordination with SAP support

    »Hardware/OS/database selection

    »Basis support

    »Change Management

    »Migration Landscape

    »Execution of migration activities

    »Technical support and tuning

    »Add-on products installation

    »Backup strategy and execution

    »High availability Disaster recovery on new platform

    »Post implementation support

  • Our approach at a glance:

    Blue Print Phase

    During the blueprint phase, we will assist you with all phases of technical infrastructure planning. Assist you with identifying the correct mix of Operating System, database, and SAP to make sure that they will function correctly together. Many installations have external systems that will need to be evaluated as well. The bolt-on systems will be reviewed and recommendations given for infrastructure requirements to implement them. During this time we will undertake the following activities:

    »Evaluate the anticipated user and transaction workload

    »SAP hardware selection and sizing

    »SAP system OS requirement

    »Evaluate add-on Software requirements

    »Develop an initial installation work plan

    »Obtain Management Approval

    »Coordinate with SAP support


    The Blueprint phase in the new implementation process is to create detailed action plans on all aspects of the implementation. We can

  • provide you with resource planning, budgeting and technical project plans to ensure successful completion. We check that all of the necessary technical prerequisites are ready such as: Hardware, Operating system, Database and SAP software. We assist you to co-ordinate with SAP support for technical requirements e.g. connection to SAP support, request and install SAP licenses, co-ordinate with SAP support for technical issues during implementation project.


    Advit Consulting Global Services: Solidifying NetWeaver

    The Implementation phase starts with installation of hardware, storage, network, and backup infrastructure. We work with your technical team to verify the SAP implementation infrastructure requirements. We also verify schedule and availability of all SAP and non-SAP software components for new installation.


    Our implementation work starts with the installation and technical configuration of the development system. During this phase we will perform the installation of all SAP systems (development, test, training, Production etc.) and perform the technical configuration for backup, high availability, DR etc. We also work with project team to

  • define and implement SAP desktop client software and the change management strategy.


    After the installation of all non-production SAP landscape instances, we will provide support for all technical, performance, and change management tasks. Throughout the period of implementation, processes are refined to streamline and ensure success during the cutover of the production system. Before we proceed to the Go-Live phase, we make sure we receive full management approval.


    Production builds and Go-live

    This phase consists of building the final SAP production environment. In this phase we perform the installation of the final production system and all add-on products for production environment


    We prepare a detailed plan and checklist for the go-live phase; building contingency plans for various technical aspects of the project. We also perform volume testing (if required) and technical performance tuning of the production system during the go-live phase.

  • We work with project and customer technical staff to provide post go-live technical support and knowledge transfer. During this phase, we work with you to implement production support processes, sharing our knowledge and experience with operating procedures to support a SAP environment. After going live with the production system, we schedule a post go-live check with SAP support and assist with implementing recommendations from SAP support.


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  • Advit Consulting Inc., with a proven ability to develop and provide its customers with strategic, cost-effective solutions for SAP systems, is offering SAP Basis Services for Technical Installation and implementation to our customers.


    Advit Consulting has the technical experience and staff necessary to successfully guide your organization through an effective installation and implementation support for new SAP projects. We work with you to ensure the technical landscape meets current and future needs of your SAP systems. We offer:


    We have enthusiastic and self-motivated consultants in the areas of SAP BASIS Administration, SAP Security and Other Technical and Cross Functional areas.


    BASIS Implementation Services

    The contribution of a SAP certified and experienced technical team becomes an important factor for an on-time and in-budget execution of an Implementation project. Advit Consulting has the experience, leadership, and resources to provide you with a timely, cost-effective technical installation and implementation support services. We have