• re-engineering.


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  • Advit Consulting fully recognized the challenges of SAP application security implementations and created a value added end-to-end solution. Through the use of a proven SAP application security implementation methodology Advit Consulting is able to guide and assist organizations through this process in the most cost effective and efficient way. Our practical experience reveals that, though we focus on authorizations, we also bring added value to the implementation team with regard to internal control and fraud prevention principles.


    At Advit Consulting, we recognize that every client has different requirements and levels of in house expertise. We also recognize that your SAP security is not core to your business. It is however what we are really good at and which we think makes us true experts.


    Managing a SAP security team is a complex challenge in terms of processes, risks and operational effectiveness. Through our key competencies we can manage these challenges and risks and implement best practice processes.


    Our capabilities cover all aspects of SAP security support, development, reporting, audit compliance and even process