Advit Consulting can deploy the service at a very short notice. Deployment is as easy as 1-2-3 with our well defined methods and practices:

    1.Initial assessment and service definition

    Determine the scope, service levels and sign term contract.

    2.Knowledge transfer

    Plan resources; establish connectivity & logins, and transfer of Systems knowledge/ procedures / reports.



    Begin remote administration!

    Typical tasks carried out during the above steps are listed below:

    »Customer provides the systems access parameters and security

    tokens as per company policies/procedures.

  • »Customer's current SAP systems environment, requirements,

    methods, procedures, practices, reporting needs and formats etc. will be documented constituting 'knowledge transfer'.

    »Advit Consulting will provide details of communication channels.

    »Advit Consulting remote administration staff will establish

    connectivity with your systems over secure VPN or dial up.

    »Advit Consulting will provide ongoing support and reporting as

    perservice level agreement.

  • Basis Outsourcing provides complete start-to-finish lifecycle support for your SAP application. To help you manage Basis services, Advit Consulting Inc offers expert, field-tested consultants who specialize in OS, server, network and database administration - and have long-term experience on SAP. Given the high rate of employee turnover and continuous training in the IT industry, it's sometimes difficult for companies to train and retain the personnel necessary to manage SAP Basis requirements. Advit Consulting Inc fills that gap by giving clients access to the kind of high-quality SAP support that can maximize the long-term value of SAP deployment.


    Remote SAP Basis Administration Services

    SAP Basis Administration Service includes system administration for the SAP application. These require a sound knowledge of SAP internals and the underlying OS on which SAP is running. Services here would facilitate changing user rights definition, fine tuning performance, periodic backup / restore, etc. Today complex SAP systems environment needs constant support from a team of professionals having wide range of skills. Employing a maintaining such staff in house substantially increases your recurring cost of administering SAP. Several companies are outsourcing SAP administration to get the triple benefit of lower costs, higher levels of service and increased bandwidth for internal IT initiatives. Advit Consulting Remote SAP Basis Administration Service is the solution that can be tailored to fit your needs. From day one, you would see the benefit of immediate cost savings and increased service levels.